“Piranha Hour!”  Ah yes, I remember it well, having experienced it often during my 33 years in teaching.  Sometimes I felt devoured by students or players and other times by demanding administrators and, occasionally, even colleagues.  

Sometimes I felt I needed a twin.  Imagine that!  “Mr. Roberts, I’ve had my hand up for five minutes.”  “Howie, you haven’t given me your room inventory yet and  I need it now.”  “Howard, you promised me you’d refill the ink cartridge in my printer.”   “Mr. Roberts, have you got our tests graded yet?”  I heard all those “demands” and many more just as you have.  Those with spouses and children experience more “piranha hours” than I do.

You know what though, God got me through mine and He even taught me to enjoy those times when people needed me most.  Although we may sometimes feel we are about to be consumed, I personally have found it’s better than the opposite extreme; not feeling needed at all.  Since I’ve been retired, I’ve experienced those feelings too. 

God understands about “piranha hours” when millions of believers are beseeching him with their requests, and sometimes, demands.  Certainly, Jesus did. I’m certain God much prefers the commotion to the silence, when we don’t call on him and I know he understands my feelings. “God’s goodness is spurred by His nature—not by our worthiness.  He knows the value of people” (Max Lucado)! So, when the demands are heavy, chill for a minute and think how special it is when people need you, and perhaps make God feel needed by whispering a soft prayer of thanks.  Blessings!

“…but the crowds learned about [what Jesus was doing] and followed him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing.   Luke 9:11″