Yes, I admit it. There have been times I have felt God wouldn’t forgive me and probably didn’t want to hear my whining. There have been times when I’ve sinned and immediately felt the stinging guilt and it’s accompanying embarrassment. Many times, when I’ve been prepared to seek forgiveness, Satan has quickly clamored in and attempted to discourage me. Through his lying lips, or what passes for them, have come the words, “God’s not interested in your guilt. He’s tired of your excuses and you’d be better off keeping your remorse to yourself.” LIAR! That is one of Satan’s many names. God loves us beyond our limited imagination and if we come to him with remorse he WILL FORGIVE. Yes, more than 70 times 7 and definitely more than we deserve. He never meant for us to carry guilt like a heavy weight on our backs. He has the strength to gently remove the burden that Jesus already bore. Ask him! ALL FORGIVING, that’s MY God and . . . YOURS.


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